The painting "Vistiahon lato Kiiskiseltä" (Vistiaho barn from Kiiskinen) by the painter Elina Försti is located in the H Building of the Vaasa Central Hospital. Försti wanted to make for the hospital a painting of an intact and upright barn. In her painting, she wanted to depict the period of early spring when some of the fields have already been ploughed, but some old stubble still remains. Spring is a significant time of the year for Elina Försti, as that is when light is at its purest and the waking nature at its most beautiful.



5.11.-11.12.2022 group exhibition, Ethnographic Museum, Riogordo, Spain.

9.11.-20.11.2022 Ruoveden maiseman taiteilijoita, Galleria Longa, Helsinki.